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Beachfront: How CryptoRTB’s Digital Signature Secures Video Ad Transactions [VIDEO]

This AdTech Explained video is brought to you by MadHive .

With digital TV growing by the day, it’s more important than ever for ad solutions that facilitate secure, transparent transactions. AdLedger‘s CryptoRTB protocol addresses industry-wide concerns around fraud and privacy, as Beachfront President and Founder Frank Sinton explains in the video below.

“The digital signature is basically a way to build trust between buyer and seller. An ad placement can be signed, you know, encrypted and it can be decrypted on the buy side. So it basically creates a secure transaction just as you create any kind of secure transaction when doing a bank wire or any kind of transaction, right?

Today, real-time bidding or an RTB transaction typically has not been done through a digital signature, and it’s not secure. And even though it’s over HTTPS, there’s still things we could do to make it more secure and that’s what a digital signature does. Just think about it as there’s a lock and a key, and only someone with a key can can unlock that door, right. The digital signature is very similar, you know, something gets locked, and the key is only held by the advertiser. So in that way, you’ve actually secured it.”