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‘Archer: Dreamland’ a Dream Come True for Fans and Advertisers Alike

The Simpsons undoubtedly paved the way for adult animation, inspiring hit shows like South Park, Family Guy and Futurama. But the sitcom Archer, centered around the suave spy Sterling Archer, has raised the bar with witty banter, exciting storylines, and let’s be honest, the sexy sketches.

Last night (April 5), marked the return of the highly anticipated eighth season entitled “Dreamland.” Canvs, the emotion analytics company, helped TV[R]EV uncover how fans felt about the premiere.

There were nearly 2,000 tweets centered around the premiere, with 37.1% expressing some sort of emotion. In the moments leading up to the air-time, fans expressed excitement, accounting for an overwhelming 32.1% of all Emotional Reactions (ERs).

The other top emotion was love (25.9%), which was mainly driven by utterances of “love,” “amazing,” and “great,” with “Archer” being specifically cited in 43.6% of ERs.

Viewers also found themselves laughing, with 4.1% of ERs talking about how funny it was. And it’s not really a surprise since Archer creator Adam Reed picked up right where he left off in previous seasons, with classic emasculating setups and punchlines from the characters like:

Cyril Figgis: “Where were you last night?”

Sterling Archer: “Why don’t you ask your mom!”

The excitement and laughs translated well for advertisers, according to iSpot.tv. iSpot.tv is the real-time TV advertising measurement and attention analytics company with data from 10 million smart TV screens.

Ads that aired during last night’s premiere received an 89.35% average view rate (AVR is the percentage of an ad that is watched across all views of that ad), and nearly 82% of spots were watched to completion. While a lot of brands saw success, though, SafeAuto appeared to run rings around its fellow advertisers during the show.

SafeAuto aired two different spots — “Autocorrect” and “Terrible Quotes: Zebra” — and both topped 98% AVR; the only Archer ads to do so. Neither were new spots (each debuting over a month ago), but both used humor to play on the sensibilities of the show and audience well.

Miller High Life’s “Manifesto B” and T-Mobile’s “Lemonade” didn’t make the same attempts at being funny, but still tallied AVRs above 90% as well.

For SafeAuto, it was the latest quality investment in primetime cable programming. Over the course of the last month, SafeAuto’s bought nearly 31 million impressions during primetime alone (out of over 221 million overall impressions). The brand’s spots have all been hits with audiences, garnering a very high 96.63% AVR across all airings (1,389 total), well above the auto insurance industry average of 91.37%. Over the course of the last month, SafeAuto’s biggest estimated investments have been on BET, TNT, History Channel, Discovery and Spike. Archer’s network, FXX, was the ninth-highest overall for the time period.

With results like this, it’s likely brands keep coming back to Archer as “Dreamland” rolls on this season. Throughout last year’s season seven, the program posted similar AVRs (89%) and completion rates (81.3%) across all spots.