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‘Always Sunny’ Proves Even Narcissists Can Be Nice Sometimes

Sure, shows like This Is Us have catapulted to TV greatness by tugging on the heartstrings of the American public, but let’s not forget about another winning formula… Five narcissistic friends constantly trying to screw each other over. That’s right, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, the cult classic on FXX, keeps setting the bar higher and higher. We used Canvs, the emotion analytics company, to take a look at how fans felt about the latest episode.

Last night, the most recent Valentine’s Day themed episode of the twelfth season, ‘The Gang Tends Bar,’ prompted over 2.8K tweets, with 30.3% expressing some sort of emotion. What were fans feeling? The top emotions were love (31.4%), excited (11.5%), and crazy (11.1%).

Even though it took over a decade for the famous Paddy’s Pub to actually get some customers (which didn’t last long), nothing compared to the emotionally charged scene in the closing moments of the episode.

When Mac gave Dennis a Valentine’s Day present, love spiked, accounting for 37.7% of all Emotional Reactions (ERs) during a ten-minute span. Although the gang has conditioned us to expect the worst, last night they proved that even a bunch of narcissists can be nice sometimes.