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Acura Taps ESPN Analyst & Instagram Creators for March Madness Campaign

It’s that time of year again…March Madness! And as TV and digital continue to converge, you better believe that brands and social creators are itching to get on the court and see some action. Last week, Acura announced its #SuperHandling Challenge in partnership with ESPN analyst and host Jay Williams (@realjaywilliams) and sports commentator Filayyyy (@Filayyyy). Other creators joining the challenge include Briana Green (@brianagreen11), Grayson Boucher (@theprofessor) and Carlos Sanford (@famouslos32). We partnered with CreatorIQ, a platform that connects brands and agencies to creators, to look at the social power and audiences of these creators.

Although Jay Williams may be most well-known to a broad crowd given his role at ESPN, he trails the other creators when it comes to Instagram followers (241K) and engagement rate (2.15%), according to CreatorIQ’s analytics. And while @TheProfessor boasts the most Instagram followers (2.7 million), @filayyyy wins out on engagement rate — 4.59% to 6.6%, respectively. These numbers once again prove the industry adage: because every creator and their content is unique, engagement rate does not necessarily correlate with audience size.

CreatorIQ also provides rich audience demographics for creators. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the bulk of most creators’ audiences is male with the exception of @brianagreen11, who has a 51% male to 49% female breakdown. The majority of audiences for each creator come from the US, but looking at age groups tells a different tale; Jay Williams’ fans skew older (25-44), while half of @famouslos32’s audience is in the 13-17 range.

Here are the full engagement and audience breakdowns from CreatorIQ:

241K Instagram followers
2.15% engagement rate

1.4 million Instagram followers
6.6% engagement rate

2.7 million Instagram followers
4.59% engagement rate

1.2 million Instagram followers
3% engagement rate

159K Instagram followers
4.33% engagement rate