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LinkedIn, ABC News Making Video Spicier This Week

LinkedIN enabled native mobile video. Business Insider is calling it a possible revelation.  Only its audio-off, auto-play which kind of sucks for everyone. Aside from worries about the quality, we think it’s only a matter of time before LinkedIN starts to offer live video, at which time the inevitable seminar-palooza throws a wrench in the best social platform for business there is.

Brands just got a new opening to reach consumers with live VR. Facebook Spaces will bring streams to users without any sort of headsets involved. Here, live just gave VR a huge growth opportunity. Let’s see who takes the bait. Also we’re not sleeping on NYT’s coverage on how Facebook is placing some juice behind private groups.

Not to be outdone by Facebook, Apple and Samsung are also making live video an easier proposition for anyone with a mobile device. The new iOS Beta 3 reveals new live-streaming options, even from the home screen. Meanwhile, Samsung’s S8 opens the door to stream directly to Twitch, YouTube or Facebook.

Brands know when they have a captive live audience, as evidenced by what’s been going on with CBS’s Big Brother. Viewers are delivering emotional responses and avid attention scores for the long-running reality show — and most of all, they’re doing so live (nearly 84% of viewers watched it in real-time)


Everything gets an aftershow today, and that list now includes the White House press briefings. ABC News will host a digital program following future briefings to break down every spicy covfefe, Russian rumbling and alternative fact spilled out during the sessions.

If an escape is what you want and last week’s #bearcam wasn’t enough, perhaps take a live video trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Travel personality Mitch Oates and Twitter brought you to the natural wonder last Thursday, taking questions while taking a (literal) live dive into the famous waters. It’s hot out there, so maybe go for a swim next time!

Slate’s not your typical VR shop, but they’ll be hosting a live weekly talkshow on Facebook using virtual reality. Coupled with the Spaces announcement above, that’s a lot of buzz around live VR right now.

Speaking of interesting uses of Facebook Live, CANAL+ recently hosted the first live animated video, where “Tony” answered user questions in real-time. Facebook Live also received its first Emmy nod last week, for the ACLU Telethon.