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Personalized, Premium Video Ads Get Better Results

Personalized video ads are finding captive audiences lately — and not coincidentally, so are ads in premium publishing environments. Ends up owned-and-operated publisher sites actually help cast brands in a positive light, according to one recent study. It’s no mystery that premium is giving publishers a better bang for their buck, but having that point hammered home all the time could lead to a larger industry shift, especially as YouTube keeps dealing with safety issues.

Your full rundown of video publishing and personalization happenings are below. See anything else we need to include? Let us know.

Personalized Video Ads are Engaging Consumers [Business Insider]

And getting consumers’ attention after the first ad is even more difficult, as engagement typically drops off when consumers are exposed repeatedly to the same ad. This gives digital advertisements short shelf lives, and retailers little return on their investments. Personalization can help combat these issues by providing information and products that are relevant to the viewer, according to AdGreetz. The company helps brands create personalized video and display ads by using geolocation information, social media accounts, retailer-provided shopper history, and other data to tailor certain aspects of a video to the viewer.

The Case for Advertising in Quality Publishing Environments, in Four Charts [Digiday]

A recent report from video ad vendor InSkin Media showed that people were far more likely to view ads favorably when they could see the publisher’s own branding on the site. A total 4,370 people in the U.K. were shown premium sites with the publisher’s branding visible and the same sites with the publisher logo stripped off. The results: Ads on the branded sites increased consideration for the advertiser by 60 percent compared to the ads on the site without publisher branding.

YouTube Faces Brand Freeze Over Ads and Obscene Comments on Videos of Kids [TechCrunch]

Brands freezing their YouTube advertising over the issue include Adidas, Deutsche Bank, Mars, Cadburys and Lidl, according to The Guardian. Responding to the issues being raised a YouTube spokesperson said it’s working on an urgent fix — and told us that ads should not have been running alongside this type of content.

It’s Time for Online Media to Pivot from Advertising [Slate]

Online advertising is looking more and more like a contest that publishers can’t win—not on a large scale, at least. Advertising can help to cover some of their costs, but online ads alone won’t pay for big, serious, high-quality journalistic enterprises the way that print ads once did. The idea that the news business needs to find different revenue models—subscriptions, memberships, events, nonprofit status—is hardly new. But it’s time for online media companies to take a harder look at it than they have before.

Is it Worth Brands Pursuing 100 Percent Viewability? [Exchangewire]

While 100% viewability sounds like a good idea in theory, consumers don’t always welcome the tactics used to achieve it. The most viewable ad formats are often the most annoying or intrusive, as illustrated by research from the Nielsen Norman Group. The survey revealed the three most hated ad formats on desktop are modal ads or pop-ups that appear on top of content and must be closed to access that content, video ads that start playing automatically, and intra-content ads that appear as the page loads and shift content down the screen.

Translating Facebook’s New Ad Policy Manifesto [AdAge]

Reminder: You use Facebook for free. So we wouldn’t mind a little slack. And everything we do, we nonetheless do for you, the people who use the service. (Even autoplay videos with the sound on!) Maybe not everyone likes every ad, but that’s why we want to get to know you better. Then we can send more relevant ads. So the next time you hear we did some surprising research, studying your activity on Facebook like you were a digital guinea pig, know it’s because we only want the best (ad) for you.

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