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DanceOn Leverages Love and Pride to Reach Gen Z

How do you reach Gen Z and Gen Alpha? Kids these days aren’t fighting over the TV remote while inhaling SPAM covered in Cheez Whiz. They’re streaming snackable content from their precious iPhones all day and night — via Snap, YouTube, musical.ly, etc — while getting inspo for their next socially-conscious meal from Instagram.

And youngins aren’t just sitting back and tuning out. They’re actively seeking videos that they know they’ll love. DanceOn, the leading dance entertainment programming brand, is hyper-aware to Gen Z and Alpha’s respective multi-device habits. The DanceOn network, co-founded by Madonna and Amanda Taylor, reaches 100 million+ music fans globally, and generates over one billion monthly views across all platforms.

It’s fitting that the generations that love puking rainbows also love all rainbow everything. Technicolor inclusivity is a way of life for younger gens, so it makes sense that Instagram went all-out for Pride 2017– the month of June — debuting rainbow stickers, plus commissioning five rainbow murals around the world, so everyone could experience #loveislove IRL (Millennial-speak for “in real life”) and leave #kindcomments.

Hashtags aside, Hollywood-based DanceOn was seriously stoked that Instagram transformed a Los Angeles landmark (Paul Smith’s pink wall on Melrose Avenue) into a rainbow masterpiece. Just like those pesky disappearing Snaps that Gen Z drools over, the mural is temporary. So DanceOn teamed up with Paul Smith, Britain’s foremost designer, to immortalize the art installation in this joyful #PrideMonth dance video:

The project theme is all about universal love connections — through Instagram, artistic expression, and public, shared experiences. DanceOn CEO Amanda Taylor adds some color:

“We are honored to act as an ally and an advocate, teaming up with Paul Smith to channel artistic expression for positive change. In our role as the leading digital dance content brand, we hope to elevate LGBTQA awareness through dance. ”

In a time of political and entertainment fragmentation, DanceOn successfully pulled together social media, social issues, rising stars, local happenings and dance, shining the spotlight on deserving talent and issues. Gen Z is an authentic breed of audience that doesn’t fit in a box or buy into B.S. So a word to the wise: follow DanceOn’s thoughtful approach, creating each piece of content for individuals with short attention spans and progressive worldviews.