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How BET Can Double Down On The New Edition Win

BET’s bet on New Edition was the right move. The special series tore up Twitter last night, proving that content that tugs at emotions still turns the party out.

According to Canvs.tv, the emotional analytics company– Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike generated more than 83,500 Emotional Reactions — Love reigned with 35% of all reactions and was surrounded by lots of positive feelings.

The lesson from parsing the emotions? Dislike was second. Not only because of the programming but because of the ad breaks.


Yet here is the kicker– the completion rates for advertisers during the show were strong. People watched 88% of the ads until completion. And the audience? It was younger than you’d think. See the charts from iSpot.tv (the attention analytics company for TV advertising) below.




If I’m giving advice to BET today? First, crack a bottle. No other program came close to getting people talking as the one featuring the aged boy band from Boston.

Second, listen to their whining and use that excitement to your advantage. Put that show back on with one or two sponsor integrations and then on Amazon for $1.99 commercial-free. Pair it with a targeted social campaign. Use the moments from last night to drive interest. Don’t let the word of mouth go under capitalized.