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Adidas Goes Live at Sunrise for International Yoga Day

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Brands that don’t leverage the perishable, personal nature of live are, well, missing the boat. This week’s sampling of brands doing it live:

In Australia, eBay breathed new life into the infomercial, via live video (and it’s resulting in sales conversions, too! — the sometimes elusive link).

Meanwhile this morning, our friends at Brandlive helped Adidas broadcast live sunrise yoga sessions from New York and Los Angeles that both syndicate to social platforms and drive to an e-commerce page. Adidas’s Chris Murphy spoke with Adweek about today’s events:

“… From the tests we’ve done to date, the biggest value is time spent with content. It’s hard to call it view-through-rate as we might with traditional video, but length of time spent with live content is dramatically longer than traditional video. As such, we’re getting our brand, our products, our athletes and influencers in front of consumers for far longer via live.”

If you missed the International Yoga Day videos earlier, get yourself to a mat later today!

Of course, if you can’t go to Cannes for the annual advertising shindigs and you want something more than pics from your friends’ social feeds who are “working” on boats with booze, organizers are live streaming sessions on YouTube.

Twitch’s founder shared how an Amazon purchase was frightening on CNBC. The jury will be out on how Bezos uses the Twitch platform in conjunction with the purchase of Whole Foods, but we can imagine gamers paying for some quality eats while stuck casting from the basement.

Last week, Pixar’s PaperCraft Derby for Cars 3 brought live virtual reality right to Twitter. It was the first interactive race to leverage VR live on social media. Live, VR and Pixar? That works for us.