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2017 Academy Awards Were Crazy, and People Loved It

From a sample of 1,545,619 Emotional Reactions (ERs) detected on Twitter by Canvs, the emotion analytics company, the top emotions were love (34.7%), crazy (9.2%), congrats (8.2%), enjoy (7.3%), beautiful (4.2%), with dislike (3.6%) and hate (3.2%) rounding out the top.

These were the top emotionally charged moments:

  • Jimmy Kimmel won: reactions to the host ranged from love (34.7%), dislike (9.2%), funny (8.5%), enjoy (7.1%), and hate (5.0%). “Matt Damon” was a key driver of emotional reactions with 5% of all Kimmel reactions also mentioning Damon.
  • Viola Got Love and Congrats: the powerful acceptance speech from Viola Davis, was dominated by expressions of Love (47.9%), Congrats (21.8%) and beauty
  • Mahershala Ali made history, by being the first Muslim to take home the award for best supporting actor. Response to his winning was full of Love (37%) and Congrats (30.1%).
  • The End was, of course, Crazy: Canvs saw 41,234 emotional reactions that qualified as crazy in a ten-minute span at the rate of a few thousand per minute. All told nearly 50% of all emotional responses came in the last ten minutes of the broadcast and for the hour afterwards, proving a surprise ending may not have been so bad if the intention of show producers was to leave people talking, they got that.
  • Compared to 2016: Leonardo’s win last year was a top moment and drove a high ratio of love (37.6%), enjoy (8.2%), congrats (8.0%), crazy (6.0%), beautiful (2.8%), and hate (2.3%) for the show.